About Groove it Forward

The story behind the groove

What is Groove it Forward?

How do different musicians think differently from one another? That is the question that led Israeli drummer Zohar Barzilai to start “Groove It Forward” in 2017, a music challenge which has since turned into a platform for musical connections and collaborations of all kinds.

It all started with a short drum groove recorded by Zohar, who then challenged four bassists to record their take on it. Each of the four bassists challenged four more musicians to record on the groove. This process repeated itself several times until multiple complete pieces of music are formed.

In the years since its inception, Groove It Forward has become a platform for musicians from all over the world to showcase their creativity and form connections with their fellow musicians.

About GROVID-19

GROVID-19 Music Challenge 

“GROVID-19” was born out of the global pandemic that has taken over our lives by storm in the past months. Seeing how all the musicians (and everyone else, really) are at home and us humans being social creatures who will always look for someone to play with given the chance, it seemed fitting to (re)start this groovy project during these not-so-groovy times.
It is also one of our missions to lift people’s spirits at this time, so we could make this confusing period just a little bit better for everyone, and come out of it stronger and more unified as a community.

About the Founder

Patient Zero- Zohar Barzilai


Zohar Barzilai is a professional live and studio drummer, music producer, educator and film composer from Israel. With over 15 years of experience behind the drums, he has performed and recorded with Israel’s leading artists. Some of his live and studio credits include performing acts such as Arkadi Duchin, Rita, Red Band, Tuna, Ninet Tayeb, Funk’n’Stein, Karolina, Liron Amram, and many others.

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